Saturday, August 6, 2011

Hydroxides Exercises

Let’s get you on that practice side now.

Name these hydroxides with all 3 nomenclatures:


Sodium has a valence of +1

Sodium Hydroxide                <--- Traditional
Sodium MonoHydroxide       <--- IUPAC
Sodium(I) Hydroxide             <--- Stock


Calcium has a valence of +2.

Calcium Hydroxide               <--- Traditional
Calcium diHydroxide            <--- IUPAC
Calcium(II) Hydroxide          <--- Stock


Aluminum has a valence of +3

Aluminum Hydroxide                  <--- Traditional
Aluminum TriHydroxide              <--- IUPAC
Aluminum (III) Hydroxide           <--- Stock


Lead has a valence of +4 in this hydroxide.

Plumbic Hydroxide                   <--- Traditional
Lead tetraHydroxide                <--- IUPAC
Lead(IV) Hydroxide                 <--- Stock


Copper has a valence of +1

Cuprous Hydroxide              <--- Traditional
Copper DiHydroxide           <--- IUPAC
Copper(II) Hydroxide          <--- Stock

Coming up! Acids Nomenclature


Geojour said...

This may sound idiotic, but I seriously appreciate you putting the time and effort into this - I will be starting college level chemistry this upcoming semester, and knowing is half the battle!

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