Friday, May 13, 2011

Chemist Experience YEAR #1

Science and Technology Faculty.
I remember knowing 5H1T about how the university worked, how to take classes or anything, i was supposed to do it online on a given day depending on the career.
I had to take 7 classes for the semester

  • General Chemistry (i guess it is Chemistry 101)
  • General Chemistry Lab
  • Lineal Algebra (this gave me so much hard time, this is from what i know like Algebra 200, and a freshman in the university i didnt understand a word of it)
  • Physics 101
  • Physics Lab 101
  • Calculus 101
  • Natural Resources (this....this class.....was awsome ^^ we didnt do anything)
From the first day i had trouble, my first class on my first day was at 6:45am, it was Calculus with an old teacher, they guy almost kicked me out of class for checking the time in my cell ^^, i got scared to be honest, so i changed groups with another teacher :)
After that class i was supposed to go to Chemistry Lab, it was early so i stayed enjoying the university view :D. so many cute girls.
Chemist Lab was the class i enjoyed the most, altough the teacher was hard taking us little tests every day.
I dont know if i have bad luck but, every year ive been in a Lab Class ive broken something, my first year was the exception but i almost ACCIDENTALLY burned some guy's face (but it wasnt my fault it really wasnt).
We were doing a practice on powder made with regular sugar, the reaction was initiated by dropping a little of Sulfuric Acid on it. You were supposed to do this under a extraction chamber to avoid smoke to acumulate. As there were only one of those we had to take turns, once my turn was over and i did my little firework i was supposed to clean the tile surface with a lot of water to leave it really clean. But the idiot behind me just pushed me aside not letting me clean it up well (i said the heck with it i dont care) and as soon the guy put his mixture on the tile it exploded in his face without puttin any Sulfuric on it :D

Obviously they first accused me of not cleaning it well, but many saw how the guy just pushed me so at the end the teacher dropped the fault on him.
If u want the experiment im talking about just let me know and ill tell you.

PS: Any of you know why blogger was down?


Xenototh said...

Nothing quite like exploding stuff on people's faces in chem lab. Wow that sounded bad.... And blogger was down, I am sure, because they had some internal issues, like people losing their blogs I follow, etc.

Remi said...

When blogger was down, it kinda frustrated me at how long it was. That's pretty funny about the cleaning, haha. Good thing that guy got blamed and not you.

Musicofjustin said...

Yeah I lost 2 of my pages that took me an hour to do.. I was a little upset. But chemistry has always intrigued me =)

Anonymous said...

sounds nice :) love chemical stuff too !

Gifz said...

I hate chemistry :\

Vav said...

Hey that's a pretty heavy schedule. I only had 5 uni courses and that's considered full load!

Jacob said...

No clue why blogger was down, but I'm a fan of your blog's design.

I think the only class in High School I did worse than Chemistry in was Physics. haha

OatmealStout said...

I hate all those subjects, but I love making beer. There is a bit of chemistry involved.

cadexn said...

No idea why it was down. But it went for a long 2 days. Anyways, exploding stuff in chem labs is fun.

theWhale said...

Never got the hang of chemistry :/

Pappa Püllï said...

Excellent blog! Enjoyed reading it, keep them posts coming =)

Gambling Degenerate said...

hate all the lab rules but you gotta follow em!

Net Critter said...

Your life as a chemist sounds awesome! You gotta be very careful with those chemicals, though.

kite1099 said...

I love chemistry

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