Thursday, November 17, 2011

Types of Chemical Reactions

I’ve been pretty busy these past weeks and I’m sorry for not being able to help everyone who has e-mailed me for help, Don't worry I'll respond to every single one of you. University has taken a lot of time from me, but I'm still alive if anyone was wondering :).

Now let’s get back to business, I've had a few questions about the Chemical Reactions, there are many types of reactions but most can be place into similar categories, depending on the characteristics of the Reaction. Here i present the ones that come up in my mind, I'm sure there are a lot more, but i hope these ones help you guys with your high school homework (expecting its not too late Mark & Richard)

  • Synthesis
This is when 2 or more compounds combine forming a more complex product:

A + B → AB 

  • Decomposition
This can be considered as the opposite of the Synthesis Reaction, when a compound is broken into less complex compounds.

AB → A + B 
  • Combustion
This can be the most recognized reaction, happens when a combustible material in addition to Oxygen generates heat forming Carbon dioxide and water (most common products).

Combustible Material +  O2 → CO2 + H2O

  • Single Displacement
A substitution or single displacement reaction happens when 1 single element is replaced (displaced) by another element.

A + BC → AC + B 

  • Double Displacement
In a double displacement 2 elements on different compounds switch places.

AB + CD → AD + CB 

  • Acid-Base
This reaction happens when the H+ ion of an acid reacts with the OH- ion of a Base. Generally forming water and a salt.

HA + BOH → H2O + BA

  • Oxidation-Reduction
Also known as a Redox reaction, in these reactions the oxidation numbers of the elements involved change, while 1 element is being oxidized, other is reducted.

These are the most common, but like i said there are more.


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