Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Decision Part 1

Or to be more accurate, the unfolding of small events that lead to one of the most decisive moments in my life.

Senior Year, just another "kid" trying to fit in, thinking on what would do with his life after highschool is over. And the family doesnt help at all "did u decide what to study yet?" "here comes the new family doctor", "is it true? your gonna be a doctor like your father?", "this is the biggest decision in your life", I WANTED SOME FREAKING BREAK to be honest, but its not like i was stressed with the school or anything, i didnt have much to do to be honest, besides playing videogames (pretty much all that i did that year), attending school and trying to learn some new languages (yeah, english is not my first language) for a new stage in my life as everyone kept telling me those days, its not like they were bad advices, many helped me a lot, but for a 17 year old kid i just wanted to relax and live my life alone.
By the time i realized i was already at my mid senior year my destiny was pretty much decided, i was going to be a doctor just like my dad, and NO, noone forced me to decide that, i enjoyed all medicine related topics, i love to see my dad's books and read some of them, i loved to know how our freaking body works and watch every health and medicine documentary you can imagine, yeah in my mind it was something i wanted to do since i was a 10yo kid...or was it??
In my highschool came the time where the teachers started to talk like my family, giving us advices on what path to take in college, every single one of my friends already knew i was going to study medicine and i was making plans with some of them that would study the same, most of the kids in my class though was going to study one of the many engineering branches we had in the university.
This was a pretty weird decision for most of my friends, me studying medicine, the reason is i did excelent on math, physics, chemistry subjects (not wanting to brag, it is true..i ruled those subjects) and had regular grades on biology and other "theorical" subjects, mainly because i hate reading long texts, and just memorize stuff without being able to put them to practice; but despite all of this i still wanted to study medicine.
One day, some pychologists came to my highschool from the university, they offered guidance to seniors on the decision on what to study, making us take some tests (weird ones), guess what were the results....for me.


Anonymous said...

Nice blog ^^

Xatana said...

I like the background

123mikeyd123 said...

tell us the results!

you cant expect me to read that whole post and not tell me the results!

Jay Reid said...

Become a diagnostician. Be the next Gregory House - you know you want to.

ReMs said...

^^ lol u made me remember the day i saw Dr House for the first time....MY GOD I REGRET SO HARD I DIDNT STUDY MEDICINE :(

Intraman said...

doctors do make tons of money

Scrogglez said...

good luck man

nasbaumscorner said...

the suspense is killin me

EssentialUnderground said...

DO it !

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