Thursday, September 15, 2011

Chemical Reactions

A chemical Reaction can be described as a process where elements or compounds are transformed. Don’t confuse a chemical reaction with a physical reaction, where the only changes that happen are physical.

To avoid confusion, some of the main physical properties are Temperature, Aggregation State, Crystalline structure. For example let’s see how Diamonds are formed, for those who don’t know a diamond is made of Carbon.

This was just a physical change, on the crystalline structure of the atom and is not considered a chemical reaction

In a chemical reaction a chemical change must occur, this is that atomic bonds must be formed or broken, like the rust on an old car, this is the Iron(Fe) exposed to Oxygen (O2) forms an Oxide commonly called as rust.

The atoms or compounds that are initially involved on a chemical reaction are called REAGENTS and the atoms or molecules resulting of the chemical changes are called PRODUCTS.


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