Sunday, September 25, 2011

Periodic Table Review:

I’ve been getting a lot of feedback about the Printable Periodic Tables, so I'm going to start talking about the features of each Table and this might help some to decide which is the best for your needs.

Today I'm starting with the modified Table from by Aditya Vardhan.

Source: Modified table from by Aditya Vardhan
If you want the original visit, or download it from here.


This a table made for students starting to learn chemistry, the info that provides is the most Basic information:
  • Name of Element
  • Symbol
  • Atomic Mass
  • Atomic Number

Don’t ever get a table that doesn’t have these the Groups and Periods or a proper Reference box.

This modified table is very colorful but this is not for esthetic purposes, what i like about this table is that every color is for a type of element, as you can see on the reference box.

This is very helpful for learning and recognizing families of elements, and therefore knowing a bit more about which elements have similar properties.

A reference about the Standard (25ÂșC , 1 atm) state of the element is a must in every table and this one isn't an exception.
The resolution of this table is 1078x736 and its enough to print it and have a good Periodic Table; if you want to get it just click on the image below and save the picture.
Source: Modified table from by Aditya Vardhan


Deso said...

Thanks for the quick Chemistry lesson.

Anonymous said...

Man, this is a nice blog. :D

Foxzero said...

mmm weird but till now i thought i would never search for this and now i find it without so much trouble XD haha thx

Vague Raconteur said...

Could you make a post with a program for Windows, on an interactive periodic table? It would seriously help me out in classes.

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