Thursday, May 19, 2011

Have you heard about Trans Fat?

There is a lot of talking around this new term in our diets, is it that bad?, you must have seen fast food dinners with signs of "trans fat free" promoting this new term, but what does it mean? and how does it affect our body.

First of all we need to understand something, overweight is a current and alarming issue in the world, health problems that are carried along overweight come in a big list with "heart diseases" among the main ones.
The primary risk in the heart diseases category is the elevated risk of Coronary heart disease or CHD, im not a doctor but i've read a lot of medicine books, and CHD means that the arteries around the heart get blocked by an acumulation of lipids (cholesterol being one of them).
 But our society gets bombed by the media, and in that process the term "Cholesterol" has been missunderstood, Our body NEEDS cholesterol, it is very important for our cells and its envolved in the producing of some vitamins and hormones in the body, but why-you may ask me- am i saying it is good? when it blocks our arteries?. There,s a simple answer for that, that cholesterol couldnt get to the arteries by itself, it was carried by something else. And THATS the bad guy in all this issue, but its not its fault that it exists, its our own.

There are 2 carriers involved in this process, they are called Lipoproteins, they both are important and essential and have its own mission in our body. They are the LDL (low density lipoprotein) and HDL (high density lipoprotein).
LDL has the mission to carry lipids from the liver to the cells (like i said cells need cholesterol and its one of the lipids)
HDL has the mission to gather lipids from the cells and tissues and carry it back to the liver.
So clearly they both need to be synchonized so there isnt too much lipid acumulation in the cells or a lack of it.

But what happens when we promote the acumulation of one of them? we take down the balance that our body has.
This is where "TRANS FAT" comes into play, a high amount of Trans fat in our diets, increase the concentracion of LDL in our body and decrease the concentracion of HDL. So in other words, we are telling our body to accumulate fat in our cells with our diet!!!!.

But how to stay away from "trans fat"??, here is another topic that most media wont discuss, there's 2 kinds of TRANS FAT, the natural one, that is in animal (pork fat) and vegetable fat (olive oil, corn oil), its not in high amounts but it is there.
And the other kind, the synthetic one, this is the dangerous one!, it is present mostly in MARGARINE, the margarine is a vegetable oil that has been Hydrogenated in the lab, believe me, i've done this hydrogenation myself and contains a high amount of trans fat!. Be aware!! some butters are made in the lab aswell!
Margarine is used in baking market that being bread, cakes and else.
Most organic vegetable oils that are used in the frying of foods have natural trans fat, but its not necessary to removed them how they do. My thoughts on this, is that synthetic trans fat obtained in the hydrogenation is harder and more expensive than removing it from natural oils, but the world doesnt care about health as much as they should so society has to make changes to fit our desires.

Diets that give you "DONT EAT" advices are really bad, as you can see the way to get healthy is not just eat healthy food, is to find a BALANCE between fat food and non fat food. Every meal is the right amount.


Dejch said...

never heard of trans fat b4, but if you ask your sefl.. what is healthy to eat nowdays?

Lesha said...

yeah, those guys just put all kinds of junk into the food and then start advertising how less of cholesterol there is. one funny-stupid and at the same time sad ad i've seen was of an olive oil, saying that it has been produced in such a way that has no cholesterol whatsoever in it, so that's why you should buy it and be healthy and other trololo. little did they tell, that plant oils and fats DON'T have it at all, and only animal fats could be related to it;;;

CPH said...

Very interesting! Great post!

sp3nny said...

very interesting blog, i love your blog design

Kropah said...

Nothing is healthy these days. *goes emo*

Xenototh said...

I dunno, I would still avoid trans fat. My body produces cholesterol in adequate amounts, so why add more? It's not like I am going to have a deficiency, but excess is a concern.

ReMs said...

well in that i agree with you xenototh, trans fat isnt good, but they are present in other foods aswell, my concern is the missinformation around it :/ only targetting unsaturated oils (liquid) as the origin

MJ to IM said...

great post! everything is good in moderation even fats. Many people just go overboard with it

Jay Reid said...

Yes I have! Nutrition is a hobby.

Marian said...

nice article, not everyone can write like this on science.

Alexis said...

Great post, that's so true about balance, that's the key to any healthy diet!

James said...

Awesome, I remember learning this in my Bio class :P

Rasenore said...

I've always been a firm believer of everything being good for you within small doses. Even a banana could kill you if you take far too much. Life's about balance. Nice post, bro.

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