Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Decision Epilogue

Almost 2 months until school year is over, my mind was a mess, thinking about what direction would my life take depending on the decision i make; Would i become a electronical geek fixing TV's and DVD's? (being sarcastic, i know you electronics guys do more ^^), or should i become a Pharmacist, with my own drugstore :/.

It also came to my mind the physics or chemistry degrees, but, i didnt want to become a teacher, i hate teaching (back then); and most of physics and chemistry graduates become school teachers.

Then it came another choice, Computer engineering, it was a good option, im good with computers, the downpart? most of my friends were going to study that, and i didnt want to become part of the mass.

But in all this brainstorming, something was clear, i was going to attend to the Technology and Sciencie Faculty. This is where all the engineering degrees were at in the university of my city.
So a bunch of my friends and I started to get ready to take the admission exam (Chemistry, physics, math and some of biology), meanwhile in my mind i was sure i was goin to study either Electronical engineering or Physics degree, part of me wanted chemistry though.
The Schoolyear was over, it was almost 2 months for the admission exam, and still no decision.
Test results came and i qualified, i was ready to sign in and start the university.
In the search of the perfect career for me, i started checking daily the subjects i would be taking in EACH of my options, one of those days i found something i didnt see before, CHEMICAL ENGINEERING What?!, i thought there was only Chemistry degree!!, what?", i kinda liked it but my head was in physics.
D-Day: It was the day i was supposed to turn in my papers to legalize my admission, they gave us a form to fill.
Started to fill it in, and at the bottom i saw:

Mark the career you will be signing in:
Heart was beating, my hand was moving towards electronical engineering, BUT i stopped thinking so much, cleared my head, began to breathe and my heart was somewhere else, somehow that moment i knew deep inside me i wanted to go for the CHEMIST side of my being. So i marked CHEMICAL ENGINEERING on the form.

So here you have, how i decided to study Chemical Engineering, everytime i look back and think if i would've chosen another career, i think about how passionate i feel about chemistry and i wouldnt change my decision if i had the oportunity

Sometimes you just have to stop using your brain and let your guts make you do what you really want...


sp3nny said...

good luck with your study!

Xenototh said...

I say be a chemical engineer and then get another degree in Pharma. Then you will be a god of matter and manipulating substances. :P

bigoryx said...

owning a drugstore sounds fun to me :-D

worldturnedupsidedown said...

good luck! and lol @xenototh

Ace said...

Just keep at it, remember to stay motivated and keep the goal in mind!

psychologypost said...

good luck, studying will be tough

The Radical Chemist said...

Chemical engineer with an interest in chemistry? I feel like the opposite (Chemist with an interest in chemical engineering). Thanks for finishing the decision story!

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