Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Decision Part 3

Well, after that day i realized that the test wasnt mandatory, just a guideline on my decision, but it made a huge impact on my way of thinking, i started to think more and more about the pros and cons about going after a medicine career, it was almost 6 months until the schoolyear ends and still i havent decided what to do, i was scared to even show a little bit of confusion in front of my parents, especially towards my dad who was excited to see his first son follow his steps (like any dad would do).

But i needed to grow up, and it was time to take the problem in a more serious approach so i started making a real list of career possibilities, not just think about them, like real researching about them, what would i be doing in the next 5 years on each one of them (I strongly suggest ANY of you guys that maybe are or will go through the same, pick seriously, ask for advice, dont stay in doubt, especially ask people who is on that proffesion).
By the time i had my top 5 careers that i would like to study, guess which wasnt on it...yeah...Medicine was totally out of it.. THE REASON?..not the test..i realized it wasnt for me, i like medicine, but just as a hobby, something temporary, something that only was excited about for just a few times, sometimes on biology or sometimes at home with my dad's books, slowly i realized i hate pure theorical subjects (and in my country, not sure if its different in other countries, when u study medicine, u wont have any practice or sick people contact until your 3rd year in college, i wont be 3 years just reading books. NOP i wont

Here is the list:
  • Biochemical and Fharmacy degree
  • Electronical Engineering
  • Chemistry Degree
  • Physics Degree
  • Electromechanical Engineering
But my decision was far to be over, many more events will come for me picking something that WASNT on the list......yep...i didnt study any of the careers mentioned above


Niek said...

Fuck, I also have to decide in like 4 weeks, this confronts me lol.

zmas said...

Interesting :) I also ahve to decise soon :/

fabio_2007 said...

These decisions are so important for the rest of our life. It's very important to choose it carefully

Fortune said...


Ephedrine said...

Go into makeup, fashion and modeling, lol.

Jamal Crawls said...

Engineering is always a good choice

KillerKun said...

Can't you search for advice with a counselor or something? e__e

MJ to IM said...

Electrical is what Im doing. Be prepared to go high into the physics, at least Electromagnetism or (emag we call it) and the usual maths.

One thing I would advise is to take a semester or year off if you really cant decide. Do something fun know yourself a little more.
I didnt want to know what I wanted to do right out of high school so I went to community college, played football for some college in Kansas, then went back to community college to find my love for how science and math explained the world around me, so i went with engineering.

Ill be getting my bachelors 7 years out of high school but whatever. Life is about finding yourself.

Sorry for the novel but good luck to whichever path you may choose.


**Hype.Planet** said...


Dootzkie said...

From the list you posted I'd go for the physics. I always say you only need physics and philosophy to understand the true nature of things.

On the other hand, employment is a factor as well :D

Lux said...

Damn, keeping up the tension I see. Looking forward to reading more.

Amalek said...

Here is an easy way to decide.
Are you the smartest person you know when it comes to math? Are you that kid that gets 100 on every test? Then go physics and contribute to the highest understanding mankind has of the universe.

Are you in it for the money and pretty good in biology? go pharma

Are you in it for the money but not into biology? go into Chem

Legnox said...

This seems like a solid blog, following.

Ambi said...

Engineering is awesome. This career never gets boring, because you always get something new to learn

Come At Me Bro said...

This is great!

zepdragon said...

Out of these, I vote for Electrical Engineering. HATE Physics

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