Sunday, April 24, 2011

Just another it?

Spending the day watching random movies staying in bed, well what else can a guy do on the sundays, probably should be doing my laundry, maybe later.
Today realized my AV needs update, that will be fun, with my 64kbps 3rd world connection speed, yeah you guys now got it, this post will be full of complains, if you dont wanna listen more just close this please dont ^^ i was just kiding, think i need some attention :)
well still need some ideas about this blog, like i said, i want attention so i will try to fulfill any requests, if not will start doing stuff about what i do at best


M9000 said...

You seem like a nice guy :)
Just blog about anything you're interested in, and theres bound to be some people with similar interests.

Ambi said...

Just read or watch something, then you can actually blog about it :)

iKill said...

Anything you're interested / passionate about, really.

Wintermute said...

just write about whatever you enjoy, if you are interested in it im sure others will be too.

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