Sunday, April 24, 2011

Life in General (from the point of view of a chemist)

Well guys, get ready to see some inside of my 5 years studying chemistry in college, will post some crazy stuff i did in all my life as a chemist, and the journey to become what i am now.

Hope my mind remembers everything i did....after sniffing all those chemical products on the laboratory, not joking, I had many "all the men here GET OUT...this chemical will leave you sterile" warnings and more.

I need to do some house work now...Stay tuned and will post my highschool last months until the day i decided to go after this career.


Kingmush said...

Crazy stuff as a chemistry major? Sure you had time from all the studying? ;p

**Hype.Planet** said...

Great post. Thanks!

Porkykls said...

hope you arent sterile!

ReMs said...

i asked myself the same thing while i was writing that down ¬¬

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